Maintaining Balance

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We are half way through our work week already. I hope your day is going well so far. The weather in the Midwest is gorgeous! (Finally.)

My day began with a Chobani “Flip”.  I found these on clearance at Target and was instantly intrigued. They have become one of my favorite breakfast items lately! (I have gone back to buy them multiple times–get them while they last!) They have key lime-flavored yogurt on one side and graham cracker/white chocolate chips on the other. Such a great combo! Chobani coupled with a mug of coffee armed me to head off to work and take on my day.

photo photo (2)

I am only working a few hours today because of my last final this afternoon. After today, I will officially be half done with my graduate program! Upon reaching this milestone, I have become reflective in recognizing the importance of a work/life balance. In my line of work with college students, professionals often fail to achieve equilibrium, which can lead to burn out. I believe that putting your health as number one can result in higher productivity for all areas of your life. As a graduate student and working professional, I am constantly trying to achieve this.

Here are some tips that have helped me along the way…

1) Turn off the e-mail after hours (on your phone/computer/etc.). I have rarely had to deal with an email so urgent that it warranted an immediate response. If it is a true emergency, someone can call you. Otherwise, enjoy your time away from the old ball and chain that is your Outlook/Gmail account.

2) Schedule down time. This sounds ridiculous but often times, I will literally write my workout or relaxation time into my planner. That gives all of the “type A” individuals a reason to relax. Relaxing regularly in turn will make you more efficient at work.

3) Communicate your needs. If you feel like you have too much on your plate, it’s helpful to tell those who can help. Once again, sounds simple but can be hard to do. You can begin my saying something such as, “Lately, I have been feeling like I don’t have enough time to adequately devote to my projects. Here are some things that may help allow me feel less overwhelmed (and giving pre-contemplated solutions).”  Supervisors appreciate when you recognize an issue and have potential solutions.

4) Visualize yourself putting all of your work concerns into a box. Then visualize the box shutting and you putting it on a shelf. (Sounds weird but works!) After you have done this, immediately head to do something fun.

This afternoon after my final, I plan to head to a local restaurant/bar to celebrate my birthday with friends. My birthday is technically on Saturday but I will be working all day. (SEE! Work/life balance–taking time for my special day!) Here is a picture of the friends I will be spending time with today. We took this in early Spring on our road trip to Wisconsin.


(myself, Evan, Brianne, Nate, and Sarah)

After my birthday celebration, I may try to sneak in a quick cardio workout. I have been dying to do an elliptical workout with intervals. I found a great one on my all-time favorite blogs,  Peanut Butter Fingers!


Daily Question: Comment and tell us how you best maintain your work/life balance!

Have a great day!


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