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TGIF! Happy Friday!

Today began at 7:00am for a morning workout. I naturally woke up at 5:30am but quickly decided I could afford the extra time for sleeping 🙂

My workout began with 20 minutes on the elliptical. I find the “interval” option on the machine to be the best for increasing my heart. I also found a source from Mayo Clinic that discusses the efficiency of an interval-type workout.

Interval Workouts (

After the elliptical, I lifted on the various weight machines in our gym. After doing a crazy arm workout yesterday, I felt the fatigue! I powered through and ended my workout on the Bosu Ball. Has anyone heard of these? Super cool! I flipped it around and used the flat side to stabilize my arms during planks. Crazy good ab workout! (Example below)


As I was showering, I thought to blog about how grateful I am for my European travels. Today, I wanted to showcase some of the places that Evan and I visited and some tips for European traveling.

It all began when I chose to study abroad at the National University of Ireland in Galway over the summer of 2011.

ImageI met some incredible friends there, especially Jessa (featured below).


After I studied in Galway, Evan met me in Dublin and we backpacked through all of Europe. It was a dream come true!


For transportation, Evan and I took flights all through Europe for extremely inexpensive. Our flight from London to Paris was 20 Euros (the equivalent of about $32). Here are some websites to browse cheap European Flights.

We met Rick Steves in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Evan jammed the camera in front of me and soon he had a picture with him! Here is his website regarding European Travel!


I hope this helps give a foundation of resources to start dreaming up your next “holiday” to Europe. (Europeans call vacations, “holidays”! :))

Have a great weekend!

PS: thanks for the overwhelming support over the new blog. It is much appreciated 🙂



6 thoughts on “European Travels

  1. Love the pic in front of the Eiffel tower! And much like Evan, not only would I have insisted on a picture with Rick (his show plays on the PBS public TV channel in Detroit), I would have followed him all around the city to get his tips on EVERYTHING! 🙂

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  3. I clicked the link from today’s post and was so surprised and grateful to be featured on here 🙂 Ireland was a trip to remember! I am so thankful for the friendship we built while there!

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