Holiday Road Trip

Ahhh….weekends are great! I hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend and taking time to honor those who have served and passed in our military.

My weekend so far has been pretty packed with fun activities. Let’s just say, I was excited to go to bed at 9:00pm last night!

Our weekend began on Friday afternoon when we traveled from Iowa to Wisconsin’s capitol, Madison. I haven’t spent a lot of time in the city of Madison. Evan and I took the opportunity to do our own exploring and found lots of eclectic restaurants and stores in the downtown area. Evan also snapped a photo of me outside the capitol. We look like such tourist even though we are from the state!

photo (7)

On Saturday, our gang woke up early for the 5K. Our friends Nate, Sarah and Brianne had never run in a race before. We knew that this race would be light-hearted, so they never became too nervous. The race was called the “Bun Run” and was part of a bigger program that spanned over the entire weekend called, “Brat Fest”. So Wisconsin, I know 😉

Our group split into packs and I ended up running with my friend Sarah. We both agreed that we ran really well together and kept each other motivated throughout the race. Our finish time met our goal of under 30 minutes, but we are already planning our next race to lower our times. Evan and Sarah’s husband, Nate ran the 5K in 23 minutes! They decided they wanted to try and run as quickly as possible–and they ended up placing in the top 50 finishers! Brianne and her friend, Ben both ran it for pure fun and ended up finishing a little over 30 mintes (which is still great!). Brianne mentioned that they poured water over each other at the water stations and kept trying to trip each other throughout. Everyone handles running races a little different, no need for newbies to be intimated, right? 🙂

Our group took a pic after we all crossed the finish line!

photo (4)

Brianne, Ben, Sarah, Nate, me, Evan

After the race we quickly showered and headed out the door for Milwaukee. We wanted the group members who were not from Wisconsin to enjoy a little baseball. If you know anything about Wisconsin, you know that we all love to tailgate before games. We took advantage of our premier parking spot outside of Miller Park and celebrated for hours before the game started.


photo (1)

My favorite guy 🙂

Now that Sunday is here, we are planning to relax. Evan and I are  currently visiting with Evan’s parents who live in Milwaukee. We may run a few errands and enjoy the down time. That’s what Sundays are all about!

I hope you all have a great rest of your holiday weekend!


Daily Question: What are your plans for the Memorial Day weekend?


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