The Dirty Dozen

Good morning, blog readers! I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday–my vacation is going quickly, as always. I have been loving the time spent with Evan’s family (including the family dog). Isn’t Thyme cute?


I spent some time in Trader Joe’s yesterday and overheard a conversation between two people regarding the importance of purchasing organic produce. It seems that our media is flooding us with the allure of organic food, claiming it’s super nutritious powers and improved taste. Organic food does provide many benefits to one’s body such as lack of pesticide and harsh chemicals. However, it is not always realistic or affordable to purchase solely organic. Therefore, I wanted to provide my blog readers a chance to understand the fruits and vegetables that should be purchased as organic and ones that can be acceptable in their conventional form.

The term “Dirty Dozen” refers to 12 fruits and vegetables that are more susceptible to containing high levels of pesticide toxicity. This may be due to their method of growth or extra absorbant skin. This list can change over the years as farming methods vary.

According to, the Dirty Dozen currently includes…

1) Peaches

2) Apples

3) Sweet Bell Peppers

4) Celery

5) Nectarines

6) Strawberries

7) Cherries

8) Pears

9) Imported Grapes

10) Spinach

11) Lettuce

12) Tomatoes


(Photo Source)

The “Clean Dozen” can be foods that are acceptable being purchased in conventional form…

1) Onions

2) Avocados

3) Frozen Sweet Corn

4) Pineapples

5) Mangos

6) Asparagus

7) Frozen Sweet Peas

8) Kiwi

9) Bananas

10) Cabbage

11) Brocooli

12) Papaya

Organic foods are more expensive because of the way they are produced and the smaller size of the crops. It takes the farmer more energy and time to ensure that the organic crops are producing. Know that the increased price is for a reason and shopping locally can better ensure your money is going to support the farmer.

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I hope that helps provide a little insight on the reasoning for the recent organic push. I would encourage you to do your own research and learn your stance on the issue. Now we are off to go check out the local YMCA! Have a great day!


Daily Question: What is your favorite fruit/vegetable? 


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