Exercise Away the Blues

Hello everyone!

Today is Thursday which means we are almost to the weekend. Evan and I headed to visit my mom yesterday. We have enjoyed great food and company.

Yesterday, we stopped to see Katie, one of my old friends. This woman is incredible–she just had a baby and is already back to school and work. Katie loves running and we enjoy sharing recipes and exercise tips with one another. Doesn’t visiting old friends give you a great feeling? (Drake is adorable by the way!)

I also have had the pleasure of snuggling with my kitty while at home! I have missed her!

The sad news is that Evan left for Georgia around 2pm today. He accepted a summer position at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I am so happy he has the opportunity to work and live in a new location! I am, however, sad that I won’t have him by my side this summer in Iowa 😦 We went out for coffee this morning before he left. (You can tell I’m dreading the goodbye from my facial expression)

I was in the mood for a boost so I decided to head to the local gym. Each time I work out I remember how much better exercise makes me feel. It’s very common for everyday life events to bring us down. Therefore, I thought it may be helpful to provide some reasoning for why exercise can boost our moods. In a nutshell, physical activity triggers our brain to release “feel-good” hormones such as serotonin. Individuals who suffer with depression typically have an imbalance of serotonin which is why exercise is recommended.

I figured a little activity could do me good today and I was right!

Here is a great article I found from “Life Hacker” that explains the power of exercise!
Why Exercise Makes Us Happy

I hope that you too can find time for physical activity when you are feeling down. It really does help!

Have a great evening,



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