Catching Up

Good Tuesday afternoon, readers!

I apologize for the delay in posting. I moved to a new apartment over the weekend. (You know how moving goes). I also have begun a new summer job this week, which I am just loving!

To start from the beginning, my mom came down last weekend to help me move. I appreciated her help and our time spent together. We enjoyed some summer salads for lunch on Saturday. Putting fruit on your salad is a simple and delicious way to get your veggies in šŸ™‚ We topped the salad with Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette.


Since there are many new people at my summer job (myself included), our colleagues decided to organized a trip to get frozen yogurt downtown. I chose strawberry frozen yogurt topped with berries, kiwis, and pineapple. Perfect afternoon pick me up šŸ™‚


With all the physical work surrounding moving, I haven’t had a chance to get much formal exercise. I was finally able to hit the gym last night. Our gym on campus is phenomenal and only costs $60 for the entire summer. I took the photo below last summer, but I used this exact machine last night.


Since summer can become so busy, I wondered what you all did to maintain a healthy dose of exercise in your schedule? I organized some quick exercises below that you can do almost anywhere. I have done many of these in the past when I lived in college dorm rooms or smaller apartments. They are easy ways to get your heart rate elevated, even if for only a short time!

Squats- Start in a forward position and bend your knees. Ensure that your knees do not pass over your toes. A tip I always use is to put all of my weight on my heels as I bend down. This exercise strengthens your hamstrings and quads. If you are a beginner, you could start by doing 15 squats a day and adding 10 each additional day.


(Photo Source)

Bridges- Start by laying flat on the ground. Raise your stomach and hold for 5 seconds. Relax into original position and repeat. Bridges do an excellent job of working your abs.


(Photo Source)

Plank- One of my favorite exercises that engages almost 100% of your body. There are many variations of planks. The most common is to lie flat on the group and then prop your body up on your forearms and toes. Hold for 10 seconds and build up every day.


(Photo Source)

In addition, jumping jacks, push ups, and jogging in place are great ways to burn calories without a gym!

Comment below and tell us how you fit exercising into your busy schedule!

Have a great night,



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