The Simple Things A-Z

I have seen many bloggers write A-Z things they are thankful for. It’s always nice to take the time to stop and appreciate people/things in our life! Below are mine…

A- Asparagus. Okay, some of you may be rolling your eyes. But, I just had some home grown stalks from Evan’s house and they were fantastic. At home gardening can produce much tastier vegetables than the conventional grocery store brands.

B- Bed. I just purchased a new memory foam topper for my mattress and boy, does that help! It has completely transformed my sleep quality! I would recommend if you are looking for a way to cheaply improve the comfort of your regular mattress.

C- Choboni. I blog about it regularly. Seriously, it’s such a great snack. I like that it has lower sugar than most yogurts and tons more protein.

E-Exercise. I sometimes take for granted how my body can do almost anything I ask of it. I am blessed to have an able body.

F-Friends. I love receiving random texts, calls, messages from my wonderful friends. They keep my positivity and energy alive.


G- Grey’s Anatomy. I am currently on a Netflix binge right now re-watching Grey’s. I love the first few seasons when the characters are just beginning residency. It somewhat reminds me of my transition to grad school.

H– Higher Education. My career revolves around educating college students on health behaviors. I am thankful that the Higher Education industry, specifically my institution, values health promotion towards college students.

I– Ireland.


J- Jumping Jacks. The easiest, quickest way to get your heart rate raised. If I’m feeling restless, I quickly pull out a few to get some of my energy out….I sound like a little kid πŸ™‚

L– La Crosse


M– My mom. Easiest letter in the alphabet. This woman is incredible beyond words!

N- New experiences. These make me grow and gain courage. Although change is hard for me, I have learned that new experiences can aid me in becoming my best self.

O- Oatmeal. A quick, easy, and filling breakfast. I love to top my oatmeal with cinnamon or granola!

P– Peanut Butter. Is there any greater spread on earth?

Q– Quiet time. I need time alone to re-charge.

R- Running. I began running my first year of college and have not taken more than a month off since. This has been the one consistency through all of my transitions in the past 6 years. Wonderful, wonderful activity.


S– Strawberries! My favorite fruit. (Shopping was a close second)

T– The ability to travel and the many wonderful places I have been!


U– Underwear. So practical! πŸ˜‰

V– Vacation. For those mental breaks and times away from the daily grind. You can read more about my recent vacations here and here.

W– Wisconsin. I love the Packers, snow (sometimes), boating, dairy, and other things that Wisconsin is proud to be known for.


X– I’ll be honest. I’m stuck.

Y- You! Thank you for reading my blog πŸ™‚

Z- Zumba! I was on the dance team in high school and always attempt to reminisce my DT days with a good ol’ Zumba class!

What are some things you are thankful for? Comment below and let me know (anyone can comment)



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