[Inspirational Ideas] .5 Reasons To Be Kind.

M.I.S. does an excellent job of capturing reasons for kindness. It is always nice to be reminded of the influence we can have simply by the way we treat others!

Manhattan Image & Style

Holding Daisies

Happy Inspirational Friday!

Rainy days are so inspirational to me‚Ķ It helps me slow down and really think and appreciate things in life. ūüôā

Today I was thinking about kindness.  I have come across a couple of people in life that could be wearing the perfect outfit and looking physically great, but their actions came across rude and mean (ugly!).

I am a believer that our whole image is projected not only on how we look or what we¬†wear, but how we act.¬† Being kind to people helps us look and feel fantastic, but if that is not enough reason to be kind, below are another¬†5 that I hope will continue inspiring us to be¬†beautiful inside and out. ūüôā

1. It brings happiness.  Doing something nice for someone else has been proven to produce endorphins (a chemical that our brain segregates that makes us happy).

2.It draws people to…

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