Summertime Weekends

Happy Sunday! I hope you are finding time to relax and enjoy the company of those around you. I had an excellent weekend visiting my mom in Wisconsin. After my first week back at work, I loved having time to relax and sleep in.

Yesterday, we woke up early and headed to the farmer’s market. Summer mornings are a great time for iced coffee, so we swung through McDonalds drive through quickly and I grabbed an unsweetened iced coffee. Perfect (caffeinated) start to the day!

ImageWe next headed to the farmers market near downtown. ImageIt was busy and full of vendors of all sorts!

ImageOf course a Wisconsin farmer’s market wouldn’t be complete without a cheese curd stand. We opted out of these but chuckled at the sight. 🙂

We ended up with an excellent organic raspberry spread and rhubarb. We tried the raspberry spread on english muffins today and they were outstanding. Last night I turned the rhubarb into rhubarb crisp and brought it my grandparent’s house. Great finds!

ImageAfter the farmer’s market, we decided to take a walk on the city’s bike trail. We mapped out a 4 mile route and took off! The weather was partly cloudy, but we enjoyed the conversation and sights along the way.


This morning, my mom, grandparents and myself went to 8:30am church together. The rest of today will be spent mostly driving back to Iowa for another week of work!

Have a relaxing rest of your day!


Question of the Day  (anyone can comment): If you had a weekend to do anything, what would you choose to do?


What are your thoughts?

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