You can learn more about myself in the About Me  section!


Evan and I started dating in March 2010 when we participated in a service learning trip during college. We had been acquaintances prior to our trip together, but instantly clicked upon spending more time together. I love Evan’s personality, style, and the way he becomes passionate about everything he does. He loves running races with me and keeping fit. Before we met, Evan lost 100lbs over the course of two years! He is my inspiration and the king of balancing a healthy lifestyle. You will see many pictures of us as I begin to blog more.



My mom is a strong and wonderful person. She helps me get through the best and worst of times. She currently works as a nurse in my hometown. I hope to model her wisdom and kindness as I age!



My roommate and friend. We became close during the beginning of grad school because we are both from Wisconsin! We love to laugh and talk about kittens! (one of our favorite animals).



Squirt is my fat cat who I picked out during my 6th grade school year. She is fat, lazy and extremely friendly. I love having her around when I go home. She even has a facebook!



What are your thoughts?

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