Cookie Dough Cupcake

Rain, Rain, Go Away…It has been rainy and gloomy all day. Normally, it would be slightly depressing, but we truly need the rain. Lately, it has been in the 90’s…for September? This Wisconsinite has been hot!

On the bright side, the rain makes for a perfect excuse to actually get homework done. Eight more months until graduation!

Yesterday, Evan and I decided to check out the NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids. It’s located in a cute area of town (the new Bohemian Art District) and offered a great chance to explore local foods!ImageOutside, the market was full of temporary vendors that gave off the feeling of a farmer’s market. The outdoor vendors are only present during warm weather and particular days of the week. Evan and I snagged some green beans and Kale to make with dinner tonight.ImageInside, the space was filled with permanent vendors who offered prepared food with daily specials. Our favorite indoor vendor included a cupcake place creatively titled, “That One Cupcake Place”. The flavors of cupcakes ranged from Red Velvet to Rumchata and everywhere in between. I was truly impressed. I looked at Evan and he knew what I was thinking…we HAD to try them out!ImageI ended up choosing the Cookie Dough Cupcake. It left me speechless–the huge cookie dough dropping on the top tasted exactly like real cookie dough! For $2.00/cupcake, both my wallet and sweet tooth were happy! 🙂ImageIn regards to my previous post on Motivation, I realized that exploring a new place aided in pulling me out of the rut I discussed earlier. Seeing and doing new things can also be a motivator and way to encourage growth and new thoughts. Thanks to everyone who commented, emailed, text etc. in support of the post. I am so lucky to have such a loyal base of readers and friends.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great start to your week!


Daily Question: Comment and share your favorite kind of cupcake 🙂