The Proposal: Our Story

Happy weekend, readers!

I have some particularly exciting news to share. Last weekend, Evan and I became engaged! It truly was an exhilarating and love-filled weekend. Now that things have settled down, I wanted to share some of the details of our story.

The Setting: La Crosse

Last Friday, Evan and I traveled back to the place where we attended college and met.  I didn’t think anything of our homecoming since it is a typical occurrence to visit family and friends in Wisconsin. The weekend started off like any other. I began my Saturday morning by enjoying coffee with an old supervisor. After coffee, I figured I would call Evan to see what his plans were for the day. My expectations were to casually stroll around town, visit family and friends, and maybe enjoy a special dinner. It turns out that Evan had MUCH different expectations for the day. When I called Evan to meet up, he claimed he was “busy” (righttt). He informed me of an envelope under a mat in his car that I should open. Confused, I discovered a manilla envelope discretely tucked under a mat in his trunk. It was labeled “Chelsey Marie” and included the following contents:

  • A letter
  • A homemade passport with 4 pages, each listing a location on top


The letter informed me to arrive at my first location within the passport. I felt a wave of indescribably intense emotions flood my body as I began to realize exactly what was happening. Evan and I had discussed getting engaged previously, but I hadn’t expected it to be this day at all.

The Cast: Laura, Jess and Us

The first location listed on the passport was a local nail salon. As I arrived, I noticed my friend Laura was waiting nearby. Laura has been friends with both Evan and myself since my sophomore year of college. Confused, I questioned what she was doing in La Crosse (she currently lives in Milwaukee). She laughed and replied, “Well, are you ready to get your nails done?” That totally didn’t answer my question. As we got our nails done, I was able to relax a little bit and enjoy my time with a dear friend. Later, Laura handed me another envelop. This second envelop contained information informing me of what to do next.  The hand-written letter inside described that he knew how much I loved grabbing coffee and shopping with friends. Therefore, my next task was to grab coffee and shop. Well, you don’t have to tell me twice. I excitedly headed into the Gap nearby and purchased a new outfit. Laura and I also grabbed lunch at Panera quickly before I headed to my next location.

The Next Step: Campus

My next task was to head to the UW-La Crosse clock tower. The clock tower marks the center of our beloved undergrad campus. As I rounded the corner to to the clock tower, I saw my friend Jess in the distance. Jess has been our friend since my first year of college. She was my RA when I was a freshman living in the residence halls. Our friendship has grown over the years and I have continued to look up to her as a phenomenal mentor and friend. We took a stroll around campus and reminisced on our years on campus together as well as our current lives. ImageJess has a way of making anyone feel calm and confident.  I was thankful to have her be part of the day to calm my nerves, even only for a moment. As our time together grew to a close, she handed me the final envelop which included a final letter from Evan. Nervously, I hugged Jess and began my trek up to my final location: Grandad’s Bluff.

The proposal: Grandad’s Bluff

If you have ever visited La Crosse, you are aware that the city is in the Mississippi River Valley. Meaning, both sides of the city are lined with bluffs and the Mississippi River is interwoven throughout. The design of the city makes for a particularly gorgeous fall destination.  However, my vote for the most gorgeous spot in the whole city is on top of Grandad’s bluff. The view from the top allows you to see the city and the river bends for miles. You can even see the beginnings on Minnesota off in the distance.

As I drove to meet Evan on the top of Grandad’s Bluff, I began to notice the weather changing. It had been pouring rain earlier in the morning during my time with Laura. As I began my walk with Jess, the rain has subsided to sprinkles. However, as I turned my last corner to get to the top of the bluff, I saw the sun break through the clouds and beams of light shone down, making the river and city visibly sparkly for miles. I lost by breath for a moment when I realized just what was about to happen. I parked my car and began walking towards Evan. If you’ve ever seen the TV show, The Bachelor, it looked similar to the show’s finale where the woman giddily walks towards the man who may or may not be proposing. Thankfully, I knew the outcome of our day’s finale.

As I approached Evan, he immediately began to say nice things that I have since blacked out (so overwhelmed). Something about feeling like he is on top of the world when he’s with me (makes sense from our view at the time), and, oh, the question “Will you marry me?” I literally don’t even remember saying “yes”. All I remember is sobbing and hugging my now future husband. As the minutes went on, I started to hear a clicking noise. I realized that Evan had hired a professional photographer who was a friend of ours to capture our special moment. (all photo credit goes to: Megan!) It truly was the best day of my life.Image


We later met with up with family and our friends who had been involved that day. As I reflect, I am still overwhelmingly thankful for all of the love and support that has been shown by everyone for our engagement. I can not thank you all enough for reading and for your well wishes! We are truly blessed–let the wedding planning begin!


Chelsey and Evan


Now at last they were beginning chapter one of the great story no one on earth has ever read, which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.”

-C.S. Lewis


Nike Shoe Review


Happy Tuesday, Bloggers!

A week back from vacation can sometimes be difficult. I figured yesterday would be tough, but it ended up including much more excitement than I anticipated. It began with the power going off in our work building around 9:00am. I was sad to lose a spreadsheet I had been working on, but figured this would add a little built in break/excitement to the day. Following lunch, a tornado warning was issued for our area. I looked outside and saw the biggest wall cloud I had ever seen with cloud rotation right over buildings next door. I typically don’t become too alarmed with severe weather but I’ll admit, that was scary. Thankfully, we remained tornado-free although towns just north of us were not as fortunate 😦

I promised to provide a review of my Nike plus women’s running shoes. I wanted to spend time running, walking, and casually wearing them in order to provide the most complete review. Here it goes!


Women’s Nike Free 3.0 Running Shoe, Size 9

Overall Score: B+

What I Liked: The light-weight fabric, portability, and ease of taking on/off. These shoes were great for running shorter distances, power walking, or running errands. I also love the fact that the shoe has the Nike+ capability. Nike+ is a chip you can buy to insert in your shoe that tracks the distance, time and calories burned during an exercise. I haven’t utilized the chip but it’s only about $20 at most apple stores. I think they are semi-stylish (maybe I’m biased). Finally, the shoe ties stayed tied during runs! Alleluia!

What I Didn’t Like: Despite having the supposed proper size, my toes felt crammed at the top of the shoe. And although I liked how light weight the shoes were, I felt they lacked support. My feet have a normal arch and I have never needs inserts or other special accommodations for my shoe wear. My feet felt unsupported when I went on a 6 mile run recently.

Closing Thoughts: I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a easily portable and low-stability shoe. Additionally, I would recommend this to an experienced runner who enjoys shorter runs.

Today, I am reminiscing about the great times I had on my vacation…

ImageEvan and I spent our last night together on the beach. I miss you already, Evan!

After my week in Savannah, I flew home to Milwaukee to celebrate one of my dear friend’s wedding. Congrats, Jess & Tyler! The wedding also provided a great opportunity to catch up with college friends. I think it’s a sign of true friendship when you can pick up right where you left off.

ImageA group of us at Water Street Brewery, downtown Milwaukee

ImageOne of my favorite roommates and college friends, Opal.

I am also anxious to get back to the gym today. Although I always enjoy breaks from exercise, I tend to feel more easily irritable and get headaches when I take a longer break from working out. Isn’t it weird how sensitive our bodies can be? I plan on easing back into it with a run and light weights.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Question: What do you like to do after a vacation to help get you back into your normal routine?