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Thank you for visiting Healthy.Chelsey.Lately!

My name is Chelsey and I am a 20-something from the Midwest  My passion for health and wellness became ignited upon taking my first nutrition course.  I soon began running and incorporating health behaviors into every part of my life. I caught the “running bug” and completed my first half-marathon during my freshman year of college. Most recently, I have become a health educator working at a University. My job is to educate and hopefully ignite the same passion for a healthy lifestyle into the college students I meet with. Beyond work, I also attend graduate school full-time. I truly believe life can be best experienced when we learn how to take care of ourselves (and indulge every once in a while too!)

Along with the focus of health, I will blog about my journey through graduate school and write about my friends, family and love of my life, Evan. I also enjoy simple, nutritious cooking and running races!

Join me on my journey as I blog about my passions!

-Chelsey 🙂

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